ham with toasted bread
HONEY Sardines
and pine nuts

Patanegra ham

From the ground: the best ingredients, selected and guaranteed for our exclusive starters

and RAW FISH based on the
day's catch

Fish tartare

Discover our fish and seafood offers: fine cuisine with the freshest and most delicate ingredients

small gnocchi
with seafood

Small gnocchi with cuttlefish ink

Genuine, unmistakable flavours for those who love real Mediterranean cuisine

Ar Galletto

is the meeting place for authentic flavours

A historic restaurant, located in the heart of the Eternal City, in the beautiful setting of Piazza Farnese.

It has been operational since 1500 as an inn to the Borgias and today opens its doors to the public with a completely new look, both in its furnishings in the cuisine.

Alongside traditional Roman recipes, Ar Galletto now offers many fresh fish dishes to keep pace with the times, in terms of taste.

every day

Restaurant always open
  • Air conditioned
  • Outdoor seating
  • Disabled access
  • Card payment
  • Open til late
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